Thursday, December 15, 2016

Walking on rainbows


These are the rainbow socks I started after the election. They have been a comfort to knit, and soooooo many people commented on them as I knitted at work. I like to think they brought a little joy to everyone who saw them.

Boy 1 continues to be this household’s most enthusiastic knitwear model. When I say “strike a pose!” he works to give me many options. This one looks action-y:


This is really a very, very simple sock. I CO 68, worked top-down, made a heel flap with eye of partridge stitch, and worked a round toe. The stripes look pretty good, even though the heel flap interrupted the flow. The yarn (Poste Yarn Striping from Simply Socks Yarn Company) is lovely to work with – 75% superwash Corriedale and 25% nylon. I recommend it without reservation. This color, again, is Danxia Landform. IMG_2243

The finished socks weigh 80 grams, and I have 16 grams remaining. That will get me a couple of squares for my I Love Leftovers blanket!

I decided I needed another simple sock in my life. I scanned the sock yarn cabinet and came up with this ball of Crazy Zauberball. IMG_2248


I made a pair of socks for my friend Pam out of Crazy Zauberball a few years ago, and they were very entertaining to knit. Yeah, I’ll do that again. ALSO - I recently discovered the Makers’ Minute videos – they have one on the Zauberball Family of Yarn (1:26). Definitely worth a watch (but now I want to try other Zauberball yarns).

One last shot of the rainbows for ya. Peace out,



  1. Boy 1, that yarn, and those socks are a wonderful combination! The socks provided a post-election uplift to many, so maybe some Zauberball socks will provide solace as Jan. 20th approaches.