Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Things that have fallen off my needles recently

I started this pair of socks back in mid-December… just to have a really simple project for office knitting and such. And now they are done!IMG_2458crop

They are very simple. With the long, gradual color changes that this Crazy Zauberball yarn makes, I wouldn’t dream of doing much more than this. This is my plain vanilla sock – top-down, eye-of-partridge heel, round toe. It weighs only 67 grams, so I have a fair bit of yarn left over. IMG_2464crop

If you’re into make your socks match perfectly, then this isn’t the yarn for you. There’s no way to make it match up. You just have to love the wabi-sabi. Also, it’s a 2-ply yarn, which means the yarn isn’t round. It fights you a little bit. I think the result is worth it, but it’s definitely not my favorite sock yarn, structurally-speaking.

Here’s another thing that fell off my needles recently – another pussyhat! This is #8:IMG_2469

I made it as a replacement for Jocelyn, who gave her hat to a girl who was marching with her (Jocelyn was the original owner of hat #5). The game card is from Sorry, which obviously had to be edited in this context. The yarn is Encore worsted, from the Hendon Stash. (I felt like that was a proper noun.)

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