Saturday, April 22, 2017

Handspun mitts

I finally finished these fingerless mitts made from my handspun. This 3-ply yarn was made from Whitefaced Woodland from Sheepspot’s Fiber Club last fall.IMG_2988

The pattern is Sugared Maple, which I cannot really recommend due to poor editing. For example, it only directs the knitter to place one marker, but later talks about how many stitches are between the two markers. Also, it directs the knitter to put an odd number of stitches on waste yarn for the thumb, but that leaves an odd number on the needles to continue in a pattern that requires an even number of stitches to work correctly. I fixed everything, but this would be confusing to a newer knitter and is really unacceptable in a pattern that is for sale.IMG_2986

I also had to adjust all the numbers in the pattern, but that is because my handspun was different than the DK yarn called for. The designer listed three sizes to fit a 6”, 6.5”, or 7” palm circumference. My palm circumference is 7.25-7.5”, yet I had to cast on 34 stitches to get the right fit, which is 4 stitches less than the smallest CO number. I ended up reknitting most of the first mitt in order to get the numbers just right. Then the second one was finished in a single day.

I gave these a bath in water with a little hair conditioner to soften the fiber more. They are sturdy mitts – maybe even a little crunchy – but certainly not unwearable. I love the way the colors transition so gently due to the 3 plies. The finished mitts weigh 54 grams and I have 39 grams of yarn remaining.

Next up is a simple scarf made from the Targhee 2-ply I just finished. I’m using a cartridge rib pattern over 47 stitches. It is easy and soothing, which is exactly what April calls for in knitting.



  1. I do love the colors in your mitts, no thanks to the pattern! It's also great seeing the colors emerge from your Targhee. Lovely in the cake and also in the scarf!

  2. Love how the Targhee is knitting up. I'm always amazed at how different yarn can look when it knits up. The colors in this are quite pleasing!