Sunday, July 16, 2017

I’m so square

I have been cranking out some sock yarn squares lately. My theory is that when my brain is occupied with something newer or more complicated (like weaving those towels), my knitting reverts to a more comfortable zone. I could make these squares in my sleep.

First up, I got 4 squares from the Crazy Zauberball left over from a pair of socks I knit for myself earlier this year. I really love these:IMG_6425


The Zauberball entertained me so much that I dug around until I found the leftover ball from a pair I knit for Pam many years ago, in 2011:IMG_4201


And when I finished with those, I went to the good, grey, Danish yarn I just made a pair from last month: IMG_6443


One of these days, I’ll pull out all the squares to count and photograph them. I think I last did this in February of this year, and I’ve made a lot of squares since then. It’s kind of a project to do that, though. Maybe this week, when the kids are at camp!

1 comment:

  1. I love those Zauberball squares (perhaps enough to buy a skein just for that purpose)!