Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wishing for sweater weather…

Like many folks in the mid-Atlantic and New England, we are experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. It was in the mid-80s today, with an even hotter RealFeel. In mid-October. Odsbodikins, I say! (This is a new word I learned recently – it was a mild curse word in colonial America. Let’s bring it back.)

I am trying to move the temperature with the power of my knitting. In other words, I’m knitting a sweater. I shared a glimpse of it when it was just beginning, remember?IMG_6699

The pattern, Blank Canvas, is knit from the bottom up. First I knit the body (with waist shaping). Then I knit the sleeves – a conference this weekend helped me finish those up. When I got home, I had to attach the sleeves to the body and start working the yoke in the round. Here they were just before attachment:IMG_6757

Not the world’s best photo, but you get the idea. I am doing the shoulder decreases now. I am cautiously optimistic that I can finish it this weekend, as we have a longish car trip and I don’t have to drive. IMG-4383

I would like to finish this sweater so that I can begin another one. Boy 1 has long outgrown the gray sweater I made him 4 years ago, and he never quite got the hang of wearing the vest I made him last year. I guess he’s just a long-sleeved sweater guy.

Remember the tiny Gramps sweater I made for a colleague’s baby last fall? gramps

It spent some time on top of our living room piano, waiting first for buttons and then for wrapping. This mama noticed that Boy 1 kept going over to look at it and pet it. When I mentioned that the pattern came in sizes from baby to adult, he lit up. We didn’t spend hardly any time looking at other patterns – clearly he wanted a Gramps sweater with a shawl collar. We looked at a bunch of color options in Ravelry, and he decided he wanted a single color sweater. No contrast for the neckband, cuffs, and ribbing. He looked at the Cascade 220 color palette and chose Sapphire Heather:IMG-4497

It’s a little bright, but not too bright. I appreciate knitting with a heathered yarn when I want a solid look – it provides interest. I picked up the skeins I needed when I was at WEBS a couple weeks ago. I also found buttons to match:IMG_6760

Here’s hoping for sweater weather SOON!


  1. I'm right there with you in the wish for sweater weather and have high hopes that you'll make it happen with two sweaters in the works. I think Boy 1 has terrific taste in both patterns and yarn colors, and I'm looking forward to seeing his sweater.

  2. That is the bluest of blues -- it's going to look so good on him.