Saturday, August 11, 2018


While sitting under my double-stranded wool-mohair rectangle for many weeks, I jealously eyed a few skeins of Twig that I received as a gift early in the summer. Twig is a linen blend yarn (46% linen, 42% recycled silk, 12% wool). I envisioned an effortless scarf, perfect for throwing on in chilly offices or wearing in the early fall when mornings and evenings can be cool. .

I started this pattern, but I wasn’t feeling it and so I ripped it out. I wanted something kind of easy to knit (for summer TV and social knitting), but not dead dull like stockinette stitch. I finally landed on a pattern that seems to be a derivation of Hitchhiker:crop

You can see that it alternates between garter stitch and a simple lace section. It has teeth like Hitchhiker, but they are deeper.

I almost quit this pattern, too. It contained a repeating error and was written in a maddening style. I finally decided to rewrite it, and in doing so, made some Hitchhiker-inspired improvements. I won’t share either (because the original pattern is copyrighted and so is Hitchhiker – I’ve purchased both), but I think this smudged photo gives you an idea of how much I edited it. Original pattern on left; mine on right:pattern smudge

Twig is interesting to work with. It has a dry, almost crunchy, hand. The stitches are very crisp. It will be interesting to see how it behaves after blocking.20180811_145010

This color is called “graphite,” but I’ve always thought it was more of a blue-gray than a true gray. This may be in the eye of the beholder.

I don’t know if I’ll end up thinking of this as my second Hitchhiker or not. I’ll probably never catch up to Bonny in the “# of Hitchhikers knit” department. But I do like to repeat good patterns, which is how I find myself with another pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks on the needles:20180811_145233

I took this ball of yarn with me to Cleveland last month, knowing that I would finish the Boy Kroy socks early in the week. Even though I intended to make a simple 3x1 ribbed sock out of this yarn, someone I started knitting the Hermione’s Everyday pattern, instead. I looked at Lake Erie a lot while working on these, so I will call them my Lake Erie Socks. 20180811_145259Yes, they are for ME - my personal palette!

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  1. I love your highly-edited scarf/shawl, especially in Twig! I knit one Hitchhiker in hemp, and it had an interesting texture; I'm anxious to see how Twig feels and drapes after blocking. And your Lake Erie socks are beautiful. With five pairs completed, Hermione may be your knit-it-again pattern!