Friday, November 12, 2010

FO: Calorimetry

My friend Cinda expressed interest in having a knitted headband, and you know what that means…  pattern links were sent, a pattern was chosen, yarn was bought… and Calorimetry was born.  This free pattern is shaped with short rows and secured with a button.  Don’t you love how this is shaped like a set of big juicy lips?  If it was knit in red instead of charcoal grey, it would be even smoochier!IMG_7657 The designer urges knitters to choose a springy yarn that will bounce back after being stretched.  This yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, a blend of merino, microfibre, and cashmere.  It is deliciously soft, very smooth (it would look sooooo great in cables), and super sproingy.  See?

I hope Cinda likes this – I’ll try to get a photo of her wearing it.  If I make this again (for S1, perhaps), I’ll probably make it narrower.  It’s a bit bonnet-y at its current size.


  1. I, too, got a real kick out of the video!

  2. Oh my!! It's beautiful!! It does look like a big smooch! I will think of that every time I proudly wear it! A beneficent kiss on the crown. Definitely your next one should be in a lipstick shade, but I am thrilled with the rich charcoal for me.