Thursday, November 11, 2010

FO: quickie cowl

I bought some pretty green and brown yarn on our Baltimore Yarn Crawl a couple of weeks ago.  I cast on later that evening (since I was in a funk about my two WIPs).  And less than a week later, I was wearing a new cowl:IMG_7644 I have resisted making a cowl for several years now. I think it’s mostly the name that turns me off!  But cowls are way faster to knit than scarves, and they serve a similar function.  I really like this one.

Some cowls are shaped like a bell or have a button closure, but this one is just a simple, straight tube knit in the round:


It is the Darkside Cowl (free pattern, but Rav link) and it uses the same rib-and-welt pattern that I used for the Pansy Socks and the Plum Pansy Socks.  I really like this stitch pattern.IMG_7642 These colors make me very happy, too!


  1. Beautiful use of that Mochi! I think the name cowl is weird, too. But yours is lovely. I need one!

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  3. It's beautiful! I just looked at the pattern and it looks great. How long did it take you to finish? I'm thinking Christmas presents..... Thanks!

  4. Hi Mika -

    I finished this in about 4 sittings, I think. I was sick that week so I skipped a couple of nights. Definitely fast! My friend made this in a solid yarn and it looked stunning. Good luck!

  5. Thanks Janelle! I can't wait to make one. It's really stunning!