Monday, November 8, 2010

(Plan) C is for Victory!

Look, it fits over his head!IMG_7625 Plan C – cutting out the knitting from the cast-on edge – worked.  Here is what I cut off:IMG_7629The original neckline used short rows at the back so that it was higher at the center of the back than at the center of the front.  I didn’t try to replicate this on the new neckline because the raglan seam wouldn’t have been pretty.  Since I would have knitted in the opposite direction, the seam wouldn’t have lined up.  So instead, I picked up a round of stitches just below the cast-on edge at the front, which made it about 6 rounds down at the back, and just called that the new neckline.  You can see that it is now symmetrical – no more short rows:IMG_7638I did an applied i-cord and I think it looks very tidy.

It turns out that having a larger neck opening is probably better.  Boy 2 does not love clothes up around his neck.  This way, he can wear a t-shirt under the sweater and not complain about ANY itchies.  To me, this sweater is soft soft soft, but the angora fluff can be a teensy bit irritating, I guess…IMG_7626The sleeves look a bit short, but again, Boy 2 doesn’t like cuffs in his way.  I can always lengthen those next winter as needed, since they were bound off at the cuff.IMG_7639

I’m happy to call this project DONE!

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  1. You did it! You cut it! And it looks so awesome. It looks like he loves it, and it looks great on him. That big smile on his face says it all. I like that it's a bit long, so that he can get a couple of season's wear out of it.

    Great job!