Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Traveller departs

Moving the Coopworth
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA
I still had some of that grey Coopworth on two of the Ashford Traveller bobbins, but I had to return the Traveller to my spinning teacher because she has a new student beginning soon. I didn't want to lose it, though - and I didn't have time to spin the rest of the roving on the Traveller before returning the wheel.

So... I put the Ashford bobbins on the Ladybug kate and ran them through (hopefully not adding too much twist) onto a Schacht bobbin. It worked fairly well. If you look closely at this picture, you can see the tensioning bands (they are black stretchy bands, just like the main drive band) that connect the bobbin to the little white thing in the middle. Can you see those? I adore them.

Then I divided the rest of my Coopworth roving into roughly 3 equal batches (one a little smaller, to add to the already spun yarn). I love my little scale. I want to finish the rest of the Coopworth as 3-ply yarn to match what I've already done.

Right now I only have 2 Schacht bobbins. The Ladybug came with 3, but one was broken when I unpacked it. I will exchange it at The Mannings booth at Knitters' Day Out this weekend. Also, I plan to buy a fourth bobbin. If you want to make 3-ply yarn, you need 4 bobbins.

Bye bye Traveller, hello Ladybug!

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