Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green Sheep 2-ply

Green Sheep 2-ply
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You may remember that I bought 8 oz of this green roving last fall. I split it into 4 equal sections and spun 2 of those into singles before my Seattle trip. I finally plied them last weekend and they became this. I now have 262 yards (112 grams) of 2-ply green yarn.

It's not very even - this roving is pretty sticky and it's difficult to get an even single. Look at the novice spinner, blaming the roving ... it's so unfair. But it really is sticky! It also has a lot of grass and burrs in it (which reminds me of one of my family's favorite books right now: Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest). I will persevere in spinning the other half of this roving and then we'll see what I might be able to make out of green yarn.

My motivation is party that I would like to try the Toots LeBlanc Jacob/Alpaca blend next.

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  1. I think this yarn is shiny-beautiful, and as O will probably remember in that rat-trap brain of his, green is my favorite color.

    I always kind of like finding what I fondly call "chunks" in yarn. It reminds me of its creaturely origins.

    Good job!