Monday, April 13, 2009

Green Box for Spring

Green Box
Originally uploaded by JLW in PA
I decided to whip up a felted box as a Mother's Day gift for my mom. I have a lot of worsted weight feltable yarn in stash, and I thought this project would use some of it up. Her favorite color is green, so I pulled out all my greens and decided on these two: spring green and evergreen (both Nature Spun Worsted).

I've made this pattern (from the first Mason Dixon book) before, and it calls for a double strand of bulky weight yarn. I thought I would try it with worsted, just to see if it would work. After all, the Fiber Trends felted clogs are made with a double strand of worsted, and they hold up great.

I made the largest of the 3 sizes in the pattern so that the finished box wouldn't be too small. It was awfully floppy before felting.

I had to felt it for a long time. I let it go through an entire wash/rinse/spin cycle because I had given up on it. In the end, though, I pulled and prodded and I think this is a giftable box after all. The walls aren't as sturdy as those in my other boxes - you can compare wall thickness in this photo. If I loaded the green box up with needles like this red box, the walls would bow out too much.

I'd like to experiment with this pattern a little bit more, perhaps with a triple strand of worsted weight yarn. Or... even quadruple? And I think I might go back down to the medium size box.


  1. Those colors are gorgeous. Your mom will love it. I've only felted one large container-shaped thing before, and it was pretty floppy, too.

  2. The box looks great. Way to go using your stash! I am impressed by how many knit picks needles you have.