Saturday, April 18, 2009

Handspun Green Sheep

Last weekend I finished spinning and plying the "green sheep" roving I bought at Knitters' Day Out 2008 from Gurdy Run Woolen Mill. I couldn't photograph it early in the week due to rain, and I couldn't blog it later in the week due to a busy schedule. Here is its belated introduction to you readers. In total, this is 497 yards (222 grams) of 2-ply yarn.

I'm not sure what to do with it. I guess it goes into the stash! Any ideas or suggestions?


  1. Don't ask me what to do with it! I'm the world's worst at guessing how much yarn a project requires. Okay, here goes -- maybe a scarf? Way to go out on a limb, huh? ;-)

    Anyway, it's beautiful. Love the greenness. And it looks so professional. Excellent job!

    My word verification for this post: exessing.

  2. It is fabulous! Do you have enough to do a mitten/scarf/hat ensemble?