Friday, May 8, 2009

MDSW, continued

So I've already told you about my spinning fiber acquisitions and the captivating talk by Judith MacKenzie McCuin ... but what about yarn? Truth be told, I didn't buy much yarn this year: only one skein of sock yarn. Wild, eh? This, however, is an exceptional skein of sock yarn. It was made at the Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, VT (you may have read about this cooperative mill in Wild Fibers or other places) from 50% super fine kid mohair and 50% fine wool. I wish you could feel it - it's so springy and alive. At first I thought the colorway was "Meadow" (because of the beautiful greens), but a consultation with Ravelry and the GMS website indicate that Meadow is in fact the fiber blend. I guess the colorway is unnamed. I think I will always think of it as "Meadow," though! Whatever it is, I can't wait to knit a special pair of socks for myself from it.

I also managed to snag a bag from the Green Mountain Spinnery booth (you know I can never have too many bags). They had canvas bags in various sizes. The one I bought was their "scarf bag," but I think it's a nice size for socks. The sock bag looked a little teensy to me.

I picked up a few fun buttons at another booth - here they are on the new bag.

I planned to take the kids back to the button booth on Sunday and let them each pick out a button, but Sunday's trip never happened. It rained steadily all day long on Sunday, so we decided not to take the kids. It would have been a mudfest, and we didn't all have rain boots. It was sad that they missed it this year, but probably just as well. I feel more for the vendors, who probably saw considerably decreased traffic on Sunday. The Saturday crowd was lighter than I've seen it in years (it rained lightly in the morning and cleared up later), but the Sunday crowd was probably very thin.

I still need to post about the Beyond Beginning Spinning class I took on Wednesday and Thursday. After that post, I think i'll be caught up on MDSW09.

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