Saturday, July 18, 2009

Button, button, who’s got the button?

Windsor Button has the button.  They have a lot of buttons.  They are smart people, for they have created a button play area for children just inside the front door.  Here are two out of the three young button shoppers at work sorting and filling those little boxes:

buttons blurry

I would have required a wide angle lens to capture the entire wall of buttons at this shop.  Here is a piece of it.  Impressive!IMG_3781

This is not a self-serve operation.  You have to be waited upon and ask for a box from the other side of the counter.  If you have too many boxes out, the clerk whisks them away again.  I can understand why they do this, from an organizational point of view.  It is very easy to get buttons mixed up, and they have a LOT of buttons.  A button terrorist could make short work of this place.  But still, the librarian in me really chafed at not being able to go behind the counter and browse.  Mediated searches are so twentieth century!

Lots of their buttons come in many sizes.  Want to see the inside of one of the boxes?  Look at how wonderfully old and wooden they are.  Check out the joinery.  Each of the cardboard boxes inside the big wood box holds a different size button:


I tried to make my button decision as quickly as possible, as Boy 2 declared that he had to go potty, and Windsor had no public restrooms.  I paid and we ran over to Macy’s a half-block away.  I would have liked to browse more in Windsor – they had some yummy yarns, including Berroco (which I almost never see in person) and Madelintosh (there was some delicious sock yarn near the entrance).  But alas, yarn shopping was preempted by potty needs.  This is the lot of the mother of young children.

Here is my sweater with the new buttons perched atop.  Maybe I’ll sew them on this evening.  Then we can do the final photo shoot for Must Have and be totally done.  What a relief for us all!  :)IMG_3930

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  1. Delightful! I would have loved to spend time browsing through this store. I realize that I don't think enough about buttons. I love how the librarian in you both admired and chafed at the system!