Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whatsa MAFA you?

Okay, I am feeling uncharacteristically out of the fiber loop.  (Ha.) Today, someone posted this to one of my Ravelry groups:

The Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association Weekend Workshops are being held at Gettysburg later this month (July 31 - August 2). I’m not sure what’s still available, but the roster includes weaving, spinning, felting and dyeing, among other things. The sessions are 3-day intensives, for a more in-depth experience with that particular subject… For more information, visit the MAFA website:

Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association? Meeting in GETTYSBURG?!???

I went to the website to read more.  The meeting will actually be on the Gettysburg College campus (where I work).  Late registration ended several weeks ago, so there’s no way for me to sign up for anything.  Plus, I’m leaving for Portland and the impossible-not-to-be-awesome Sock Summit on 8/2.  However, on Friday, I might just conveniently be loitering outside the rooms where some of these classes are being taught.  Plus, there’s a marketplace!  I’m all over that.  Anyone familiar with these vendors?

It turns out that to be a MAFA member, you have to be a member of a MAFA guild.  The one nearest me is the Central Pennsylvania Guild of Handweavers, which meets at The Mannings in East Berlin.  So that’s why it’s not on my radar - I don’t weave.  Plus, in general, I find that these guilds tend to meet weekdays during the days – not suitable for people who work fulltime.  Very old school.

Well.  I shall lurk at MAFA09 and report back.


  1. How did you not hear about it? I hate it when things like that happen to me! Maybe you could sign up to be a member and just get the mailings.

  2. Just a note to let you know about one of the MAFA vendors- natural fibers in wool and alpaca- I run the farm so please drop me a line if you like-Bearlin Acres is in Shippensburg, PA.