Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half and half

half and half socks

I have two finished socks to share – but not from the same pair! On the left is the simple office sock in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn, knit in the Stansfield 30 pattern. On the right is the more complicated (work on it at home) sock in sKNITches Limited Sock yarn, knit in the Mock Cable Wave pattern from Favorite Socks.

Both are knit on 60 stitches, and both are for ME! But they are quite different.

The green sock is much squishier and sproingier – it’s 100% merino superwash and the pattern is a rib variation (inherently stretchy). The blue sock is a wool/bamboo/nylon blend, and even though the bamboo content is only 20%, it really shows. The yarn is flatter, less stretchy, and loosely plied. I have had trouble with my sharp Knit Picks needles snagging on it. The blue sock is very snug-fitting. The stitch pattern has a 10-stitch repeat. Originally, I cast on 70 stitches – but it seemed like it was going to be loose. I went down to 60, which is very form-fitting. I made the heel flap a little longer than usual to ensure that I could get it over my heel. It worked (whew!).

Here’s what the heel flap looks like – I kept the wave pattern going right down the back of the foot. I hope it wears okay. I’ll reinforce it from the inside.



  1. I like these both! I really like the wavy pattern, but I can understand that that yarn was harder to work with.

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  2. My, what a nice post, with those curvy edges on the photo and all. You must be using a new tool for blog posts! ; )

  3. These look great. Thanks for sharing. I like them both.