Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bada Bing!

It's cherry season where I live here in south-central PA - yum! Eating my breakfast oatmeal with cherries and almonds is like having dessert for breakfast. It's so good. I bought a cherry pitter last year that has made serving cherries even easier (especially for picky children who are unable or unwilling to pit a cherry in their mouths).
Anyway, cherry season seems like a good time to start thinking about knitting a sweater whose official color is "Bing Cherry." This is Berroco Peruvia (color 7151) and will be a sweater for S1. She wants a v-neck pullover with a collar, and contrasting trim as in this photo (but not this style sweater). I bought one skein of medium gray Peruvia for the trim. Still swatching for now.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome post title. And beautiful color. I'm sure it will look awesome on her. Imagine my surprise when I saw Caro as the model in the sweater you linked to -- she used to knit with my group in Austin. And, she'll be at The Summit!

    I thought the oatmeal I had with bananas this morning was delicious, but yours sounds deliciouser...