Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I made some yarn!

Jacob Alpaca 3-ply
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Clearly, the novelty of being able to make my own yarn has not yet worn off. Here is my latest batch off the wheel, a 3-ply Jacob Alpaca blend. I bought the roving from the Toots LeBlanc booth at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle (they had a small market set up to support the Nordic Knitting Conference). I remember that trip so fondly!

I spun this worsted style because that's the only style I know so far, but after reading further in The Intentional Spinner, I now wish I had tried woolen spinning with this fiber. I'll just have to try that next time!

I tried to spin finer and succeeded, though not consistently. I tried to spin more tightly and didn't succeed so well, I guess, because my plying twist was more than my singles twist. I could tell because when I let go of the end of the plied yarn, it untwisted a bit. The yarn relaxed some when I set the twist in nearly-boiling water, though. In all, I have about 260 yards, weighing 5.8 oz.

This yarn might be a good candidate for some cozy gloves or mittens. It's not super soft (due to the Jacob, a "primitive" or "unimproved" sheep breed). It seems like a hardy Nordic yarn, like the kind of thing they might have made in Independent People. Have you read it? Steven turned me onto it and I really loved it. It's on my mind again lately because I'm finishing The Tricking of Freya, a novel that is set in New Iceland (Canada) and Iceland and which references the type of people depicted in Independent People.

So, I have to go now, because I think I might be able to finish Freya tonight! Off to read...

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  1. I wouldn't say "unimproved." It looks to me like you improved it substantially!