Saturday, August 1, 2009

Headed for the Summit

Headed for the Summit
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I'm packing for the Summit today - here is some of my fiber-related stuff. (Open the Flickr photo for notes about items in the picture.)

  1. The folder contains all registration receipts, schedule, list of intriguing vendors, directions to Ravelry party, etc.
  2. Homework for classes is bagged and labeled by class.
  3. I have yarn and needles for the world record attempt on Friday. I never knit on straight needles anymore. I grabbed some short ones that I bought recently to have ready in case another child wants to learn to knit, and a ball of leftover worsted weight yarn. We only have to knit for 15 minutes. I'll just make a swatch.
  4. I have two socks in progress. First, the inverse unpadded footlets. (I may need to work on a better name for these.)
  5. Next, the Charade (Rav link) pattern in Shibui Sock, colorway "Wasabi."

Normally I would take more knitting along for a 9-day trip ... but not this one! I'm sure I'll buy sock yarn at the Summit, so if I finish both of these pairs of socks, I'll just start something new. Who knows what's next in the queue?


  1. What would you do without Ziploc bags? I can't wait for updates from the summit.

  2. I can't wait to hear your report from Sock Summit!