Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dare to dream – a flock for you?

Did you notice that Susan over at Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm (and Hudson Valley Fiber Farm), the first fiber person to create a fiber CSA, is giving away goats?  That’s right.  She has more than she needs, and she is giving away a handspinner’s flock of Angora goats, complete with a shed in which to house them.

Write an essay about why you want to be a shepherd, and convince Susan and Erin that you have a good plan (it would help, for instance, to have some land), and these lovelies could be yours.  Details here.


I’m blogging about it in a shameless attempt to win the PR helper’s stash of goodies.  (So you may be sure that Steven will do so next.)

C’mon, someone has what it takes to raise goats, right?  My outlaws’ land in Texas would be perfect, no doubt.  Someone else I know has lakefront property in the family……

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  1. I'm sure that goats are against my homeowner's association policy, although I'm certain that G would appreciate the help with the lawn...