Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mo Finn

I started a new spinning project this past weekend.  I chose some roving I purchased at MDSW just a few months ago, a 50/50 blend of Finn and Mohair in natural brown from Misty Mountain Farm in Virginia. The Finn breed was recommended for spinning sock yarn, and we all know that mohair is “Nature’s Nylon,” so I have high hopes that I might actually be able to make sock yarn with this.

I bought 8 oz.  4 oz should be enough for a pair of socks, if spun finely enough.  Is mine?  We shall see!  I divided the bag into 4 2-oz sections.  I’ll spin two of them onto two bobbins, ply, and evaluate.  Then I’ll probably repeat with the remaining fiber.

So far I have one 2-oz bobbin done:IMG_4309

And look what else I made yesterday: raspberry-blackberry jam from berries we picked at Yellow Hill Farm near Biglerville.  Mmmmmm.  Steven, I had to take off a Black Dog label to reuse a jar.  I’d been hanging onto it for a while, but it’s time for a new life.IMG_4315Currently we have 11 8-oz jars of this yumminess.  I need to make more.  Those berries are taking up freezer space that will need to reallocated to applesauce soon.  Of course, we keep some frozen berries for smoothies and baking… but we have a LOT of berries stored right now.  Enough for more jam!

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  1. I want that jar back. Filled with sticky, delicious jam.