Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bicycle, bicycle!

Look what fell into my lap last week!  Last Saturday, the boys and I drove over to Kris’s house to pick her up so we could go explore an alpaca farm together, and this bicycle was parked by her driveway.  I popped out to admire it.  Long story short, they wanted to give it away, and I was there with a minivan.  It’s mine now!IMG_4787

It needs work.  The tires are flat (if not punctured) so she’ll need new tubes and/or tires, the chain looks pretty rusty, and there are little rust spots all over the chrome … but I just know she’s a diamond in the rough.  How can you resist something called “Skylark” that has stars on it?IMG_4788 I’m not sure how old this bike is, but it has a real, government-issued license plate on it from Lower Paxton Township, PA (near Harrisburg):IMG_4790 The seat does not look squishy and comfy, but I adore this teal color:IMG_4789 Now I need to do some reading about what kind of bike this is, and how to fix it up.  I’m hoping that I can do at least some of it myself.  There is a great bike shop in town and I can get help there when I’m over my head.  Come spring, I hope you see me toodling around town on this Skylark cruiser.

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  1. A license plate? Seriously? That is so freakin' awesome. And look at those cool baskets all ready for yarn and books.