Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shepherd Camp

Hey everyone – enter to win a week of Shepherd Camp at Juniper Moon Farm!  (This farm was previously known as Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, and it’s recently moved to Virginia.)  We all know someone who wants to farm alpaca someday… this could be a very enlightening experience for her.

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm Logo

In knitting news, I’ve selected hat patterns for my nieces (ages 2 and to be born probably on 12/22/09) and need to get knitting as they are Christmas gifts.  Baby Kate will get the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap (this Nordic thing is getting serious, no?), and Allie will get Piggle.  (K, Piggle could be good for Katie, too!)


  1. Those patterns are so cute! I may have to make Piggle for MY youngest niece. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. OK, I entered the Juniper Moon Farm contest. If I win, you are coming with me.

  3. I just looked at PIGGLE! Amazing. I will be making it for Katie. She is going to LOVE it.