Sunday, November 22, 2009

More knitted Christmas ornaments!

Ahhh, ‘tis the season to begin knitting Christmas ornaments again.  I got such a good start last winter knitting those Christmas balls (Deck the Balls pattern from Kalamazoo Knits).imageMy plan was to work on these throughout the year so that I would have a big basket full by Christmas 2009.  So far my basket only has 11 balls in it, but that’s a start, eh?

The appearance of this year’s Minutia patterns (free from Berroco) reminds me that it’s time to accelerate the Christmas knitting.

There are some cute ones here!

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  1. It seems like the last time you posted about your knitted balls you had an odd number, too. I find that disturbing. ;-)

    Those are some cute little sweaters, and I've got some extra sock yarn ends...

  2. The little sweaters that I knit up as ornaments looked great on my tree this year. I recommend bright colors, some of mine were fairly muted (leftover Sea Colors) and they didn't "pop" against the tree.