Monday, November 23, 2009



Katie’s birthday socks are done – she will be 4 next month. Hmmm, maybe I should have made her 4 socks instead of 3.  Then again, that might be a bad precedent.  Sweet 16 would be quite a commitment!

I started this pair with a single, 50-gram skein of Koigu (pictured in the middle) from my stash, thinking it would be no trouble to get a 4-year-old girl’s pair of socks out of it.  WRONG!  I ran out of yarn at the heel of sock #2.  So… I grabbed other leftover sock yarn and made socks using the same pattern out of other colorways.  The pastel yarn on the left is left over from Lily’s 2nd birthday socks, and the brighter yarn on the right is left over from Signe’s 11th birthday socks.  Both of those were knit back in 2004.

Ls Socks teenager socks

Hopefully Kristina can make a trio of mismatched socks really fun for Katie.  Help a knitter out.  Ham it up!

Also in sock knitting news, I found a new sock knitting project bag this weekend.  This cicada bag was made my Hiroko Rubin in Fairfield, PA.  Isn’t it cute?IMG_4832


  1. Nice socks. I like the idea of three socks in the same pattern but different yarns. And I like the bag, too. Do the wings make any kind of noise? Or is that just every 17 years...

  2. Love the bag. The socks look great. I can't wait to see what she thinks about them!

  3. The socks are great. Katie liked them. However, she really is having trouble getting her head around the idea of the mis-match. She obviously is her mother's daughter!

    Still love the bag.