Thursday, November 26, 2009

I won!

I won some free yarn last week – what fun! 

I’ve been listening to the Knit Picks podcast ever since it began back in April 2007.  I love the interviews with designers, I love hearing about how yarn is created, I love hearing what people do with various techniques, I love the book reviews.  It’s a good podcast, and that’s why I keep listening.  After the 100th episode, Kelley Petkun (host and owner of Knit Picks) introduced some new segments to involve her listeners more.  One of them is a trivia contest.  I enter this occasionally, and this time I won!

The question was: “Who created the SSK decrease and made the technique popular?” (or something to that effect).  The answer is Barbara Walker, which I learned at the Luminary Panel at Sock Summit (the crowd gave Barbara a standing ovation when this fun detail came out).  I sent in the answer and was chosen in the random drawing.  The winner was announced in episode 122.  I got to select 2 free skeins of Stroll Handpaint.  I picked colorways Lullaby (the blue one) and Make Believe:

IMG_4830IMG_4831 I haven’t knit with any of the Knit Picks handpaints yet.  Will they sent up to my Felici standard?  Hmmmm.  Felici sets a pretty high bar.  The yarn feels very soft, though.  The hand reminds me of one of my new favorites, Cascade Heritage, so my hopes are high.

We’ll find out.  Expect a full report in a future post.

Thanks, Kelley and Knit Picks!  It’s sooooo much fun to win something, and winning yarn is the BEST!


  1. Lucky! The yarn is beautiful. I've been listening to this podcast on your recommendation and I, too, enjoy it. But it sometimes drives me crazy the way everyone talks all over each other.

  2. Your "won" yarn is beautiful and I, too, am quickly becoming a fan of Heritage Cascade! I'm just finishing a pair with it and they are lovely!

    Also...I just got a Garman (for it early) so now I, too, can listen to podcasts!

  3. This is so awesome that you won! You are a very dedicated listener. Congrats and I can't wait to see what you knit with this.