Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sparkle power!

Meggan’s socks are done, and she cheerfully modeled them on campus Friday morning.  The color and the season don’t match up perfectly, but the vibe of carefree relaxation is good at any time of year:IMG_4740These turned out really nicely.  The pattern (by Anne Woodbury) is very well written (though there were some errata in the chart – good thing I checked Ravelry before casting on).  There is something about the way the heel flap is designed that I’m still pondering.  I knit most of my socks cuff down, with a heel flap.  I usually pick up 2 extra stitches in the gusset to avoid holes there.  With this heel flap, I didn’t have to pick up any extra stitches.  I’m still not sure exactly how Anne achieved this, but I may do my next sock this way to see if I can figure it out.

The stitch pattern flows down the heel flap.  I hope it wears okay – lace isn’t the best thing to have on the back of your foot:IMG_4741The yarn was nice to work with.  Some sparkly yarns are rough; this one isn’t.  It’s not super soft, either, but that’s okay – I think it will wear better.  The fiber content is 63/20/14/2 superwash merino/silk/nylon/silver fibers.

This was a fun knit, and Meggan is a fun recipient to knit for.  Overall, a very satisfying project!


  1. And isn't Meggan your Sock Summit savior? Those socks are absolutely beautiful...I may have to try a pair myself!

  2. Nice! I was just thinking about our nice walk over to Twisted a few days ago. Sigh...