Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let it rain

A while ago, maybe 6 months or more, I ran across a blog that showed a pair of  Converse Hi-Top* sneakers made out of clear plastic rather than canvas.  Neat for wearing with handknit socks, I thought.  The price point was high, though, so I just filed the idea.

Last week, I ran across an excited post on The Oregonian Knitting blog** about the lo-top version being locally available.  One of the comments mentioned that the hi-top version was on sale at an online shoe store.  It was 1/3 the original price, so I decided to spend some birthday money and get a pair. What do you think?IMG_4723 I think these will be nice for tromping around in the rain (I have no dedicated rain boots), and it will make me happy to see my colorful, cozy wool socks inside.IMG_4726There are two layers of plastic on the sides, so that you can put other things in there if you want to.  This is a little big for the slot, but you get the idea: IMG_4724 Go ahead, let it rain!

*When I was growing in up Texas, we called these Converse Hi-Tops.  Where I live now in Pennsylvania, everyone calls them Chuck Taylors, or just Chucks. 

**I started following this Portland blog before going to Sock Summit and have stayed on it because it’s entertaining and informative.


  1. Um, what are you doing writing a blog post? You are supposed to be sleeping, resting, or just laying aorund pathetically.

    Cool shoes.

  2. My friend Stephi has a pair of these! I've been wanting some, too, but I think my feet would sweat too much...

    These look great on you. I'd never seen the hi-top version, before. We called them Chuck Taylors in Columbus, but we had to order them for basketball. Thinking about that now, with their lack of arch support (which my elderly feet sorely need), makes me cringe.

    I was only just a few weekends ago introduced to the concept of Converse "Jacks" (as opposed to "Chucks") while at Tom & Shelly's in Houston. Someone they work with had on a pair. They come in some really cool plaids!

    'Cause if you're going to specialize in footwear for two sports, they should be basketball and badminton.

  3. Are you sick again?

    Cool shoes! Love the Chucks. Good way to treat yourself on your birthday.

  4. I, too, love those shoes! Hope you're feeling better!