Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mo Mo-Finn

I recently realized that I forgot to post my latest handspun.  It slipped my mind because it’s just more of the same mohair-Finn that I began to spin back in September.  The second 4 ounces came out about like the first 4 ounces:IMG_4615Skein #1: 294 yards, 110 g
Skein #2: 323 yards, 117 g

Between the two of these, I definitely have enough for a pair of socks.  Some of this is true fingering weight, but some if more like sportweight.  Any ideas about patterns for my first handspun socks?

I need to get something new on the wheel.  Those Sweet Fern Mitts in Clara Parkes’ new book are on my mind, and I might try spinning something specifically for those.  Maybe the blueberry roving I got at MDSW09 (#5 on this photo collage)…?  I can try to spin it woolen and see what happens.


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  1. Beautiful! I don't really have any ideas for a pattern. If it were me, I would just do my standard 2x2 top-down rib. Just to see what the yarn does.

    And I wouldn't worry about difference in thickness. This will make awesome socks.