Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This and That

I’ve got a few projects in process right now.  One is a Blackberry cozy for a knitter with no time to knit.  I followed a really basic, free pattern in Ravelry and got this (I used Nature Spun worsted from stash):IMG_5998 That’s my dummy Blackberry on the right, which I made by taping together layers of cardboard cut to the dimensions of the device.  I felted this last night and it came out the perfect size for the dummy.  Next I need to get a button on it and then embellish.  I’m planning to give it the Kristin Nicholas treatment, so expect more COLOR!

I also finished some spinning that has been languishing for far too long.  Yesterday I plied some singles that have been waiting for a while.  This is 287 yards of 2-ply wool/mohair (102 g).  Not quite sock weight.  IMG_6009It looks a lot like the other 4 oz of this roving that I spun, except perhaps not with as tight a twist.  I was trying to work my way closer to a woolen style of draft here.IMG_6002I mostly failed.  Maybe this isn’t the right fiber for long draw?  I remain stuck on worsted to semi-worsted spinning.IMG_6011 Since I started spinning this, I got another whorl in the next smaller size.  I should be able to get thinner singles by using it, which would mean I’d get thinner yarn, which would mean I might approach a handspun sock yarn.  We shall see!


  1. Hah -- love your model Blackberry -- and that there are some recognizable words on it. Love your yarn -- it all looks lovely.

    And as the word verification shows, call me a TT820:


  2. I am with Steven. I love the Blackberry dummy. Also, the yarn you spun is fabulous. That looks familiar. Was I with you when you bought that roving? You didn't mention where it was from (or I wasn't reading closely enough).

  3. Screw the blackberry...I LOVE the yarn you spun!

  4. The yarn is from roving I bought from Persimmon Tree Farm at MDSW09 - so Kristina and Kris, you were both with me when I bought it. It was near the front gate. I looked at it on the way in and bought it on the way out. 50/50 wool/mohair, colorway "blueberry."