Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cozy Blackberry / Blackberry Cozy

That certainly was a fast project!  I knitted and felted this on Tuesday.  I sewed the button on and embroidered it on Wednesday.  Done.cozy collage

Here were some materials I pulled for inspiration.  Color by Kristin (by Kristin Nicholas), photos of an embellished felted bag by Kristin Nicholas that has been hanging in the studio for a while, and Elegant Stitches (a fabulous dictionary of embroidery stitches):IMG_6019 Closeup:

IMG_6024And the stem wraps around the back: IMG_6025

I hope this is both pleasing and functional!


  1. Beautiful! The flower looks kind of like Indian Paintbrush.

  2. AWESOME! PERFECT! I can't wait to slide the Blackberry into it.

    Wow, that was quick.

    I like the flower and the wrap around stem.

    Like I mentioned, there are no Blackberry Cozy patterns on Ravelry. So you could post this modified pattern if you wanted. I assume that most Blackberries are around the same size, but I could be wrong on this. The model I have is the Blackberry Curve.

  3. Okay....the cozy is cute...but not as cute as that yarn!

  4. Actually, I didn't modify the Ravelry pattern for the iPod cozy. I knit the small size. If I did it again, I might make the flap a bit longer. (Kris, do you need a cozy for your iThing?)

  5. This is really cute. I love how you stylized it.