Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fit to Flatter

Have you all been keeping up with the Fit to Flatter series over at Stash, Knit, Repeat?  Amy is writing a series of 10 tutorials that help you understand why some knitwear (mostly, but not all, sweaters) looks good on you and what to avoid.  It’s all about matching designs to one’s figure (or modifying them so that they flatter your figure more).

I read the first two installments in one big gulp when I discovered them.  Then I had to wait for the next one, which I just read carefully.  It’s so good that I took notes.  Here are things I will look for in sweaters for myself from now on:

  • horizontal (maximizing) elements at the top and/or vertical (minimizing) elements at the bottom/waist
  • sleeves and hems should end at some point other than my widest point (which happens to be below my hips)
  • no boxy shapes – I need a top that shows/defines my natural waist (since I actually have one)
  • yoked sweaters should be a great choice for me (although if a design element from the yoke is repeated at the waist, eliminate it there)
  • cardigans are also good, especially if they can be opened at the top (to widen my shoulders) – I should AVOID cardis that fasten only at the top because they would create a big triangle with the widest point at my widest point (yuck)
  • boat necks should be very flattering on my shape (bottom-heavy, small bust)
  • avoid wide/deep scoop necks (suddenly I understand why my new turquoise t-shirt doesn’t work on me!)
  • no A-line shapes (triangle problem again)

People, I don’t think I’m ever going to look at a new issue of a knitting magazine the same way.  Read it!

A couple of random reflections:

  • I was interested in knitting Shalom but hesitated, and now I’m glad I did – this is a top-button cardi with a huge triangle shape
  • Another sweater in my queue that’s now coming out of it is the Monday Morning Cardigan – Amy specifically mentions this sweater in her post and it doesn’t match me (it’s better for bustier ladies)

So, does reading this change anything in your queue or help you throw out (you know I mean “donate”) a sweater in your closet that you never wear?

I’ll have to think a little more and then tell you what sweaters are going INTO my queue.  It sure is easier to take stuff OUT.

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