Thursday, May 13, 2010

In faster than out

I’ve been making good progress on my current socks, but somehow the yarn keeps coming into my house faster than it’s turning into socks.  Motivated by an impending visit to a little girl who loves pink, I wanted to order the new Felici colorway called “positively pink.”  And then several other colorways came along with it:

Positively pink will be fast knitting, I think – probably just a simple ribbed cuff edge and the rest stockinette.  Round and round and round…

I finished the first Retro Rib sock in Bearfoot.  This isn’t a great photo, but it’s proof that it’s done (and look! spring plants!):IMG_6174 I’m about 2/3 down the leg of sock #2 now.

And since I finished the possum socks, I needed another office knitting project.  There was only one left in my personal sock club basket, the Diagonal Rib Socks (free pattern!).  I’ve had 5 hours of webinar and 5 hours of workshop this week so far.  That doesn’t equal 10 hours of knitting, but it equals a fair amount.  So now I have this:IMG_6182This sock alternates the same type of diagonal rib stitch I used in Night Gulls with a 7-stitch panel of 1x1 rib.  Easy breezy.

Positively Pink will be another good office/travel knitting project, but I need to line up some more patterns for subsequent office knitting.

And that’s it for now!


  1. Still, you're really plugging away at those socks. I've been working on the same pair for over two months!

    Love all your new little Felici's!

  2. I love how your yarn multiplies! Just think about how fabulous your Christmas tree is going to look with all those beautiful ornaments :)

  3. You don't really know how much control it is taking me not to order many of their new color ways. I just bought a lot of yarn at MDS&W so I don't think I need it/have space for it now...