Monday, May 3, 2010

Sheep Jokes for Ewe

Our local newspaper runs a syndicated feature for kids called Shortcuts.  Today’s piece was about sheep.  In addition to some fascinating facts about sheep (and mazes and word searches), there were several hilarious jokes.  Channel your inner 7-year-old and you will laugh out loud:

Why wouldn’t the sheep’s computer work?  It didn’t have enough ram.

What do you call a lamb that talks too much?  Blah blah black sheep.

What did the lamb say to its mother? I love ewe.

What do you get when you cross a young sheep with a karate strike? A lamb chop.

Pretty good, eh?

KnitCircus Magazine

In other news, when I was I unpacking my MDSW goodies yesterday, I discovered a postcard in the Jennie the Potter bag good for a free download of the Knitcircus Summer 2010 Pattern Collection!  Is that cool or what?!?

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  1. The G-burg Tattler never fails to inform!

    (I kind of like blah blah black sheep!)