Saturday, May 8, 2010

Possum, Clown, Balls

I finished the possum socks this week:IMG_6160

I’m really happy with the way the reversed spiraling came out.  I also reversed the spiral direction on the star toe decrease.  I tried using the K2togtbl decrease on these, and have decided for sure to avoid it.  It is easy and fun to execute, but leaves a decidedly unstraight decrease line:IMG_6162 I also didn’t notice until now that these socks don’t really match in terms of color!  I guess you run this risk when you work with hand-dyed yarns.  I didn’t personally select these 2 skeins because I ordered them online.  I don’t know if a better match between the 2 skeins would have been possible if I’d eyeballed the selection myself (and I bought this yarn years ago).  Still, it’s a little annoying.  And a reminder of a benefit of working with 1 100-gram hank of hand-dyed yarn rather than 2 50-gram hanks/balls/whatever.

I’ve also been spinning this week.  I’ve done pretty well at practicing with my drop spindle every day.  I spun every day this week except one, a day in which I didn’t get home until after 9 pm and was too tired to do anything else (but also the same day when I had lots of good meeting knitting and finished the possum socks).  I finished up that bit of clownish rainbow fluff and plied it on the spindle to get this:IMG_6151It’s cute!  A tiny mini-hank of only 31 yards and 11 grams: IMG_6156 Boy 2 really likes this, so I will knit it into some “superhero cuffs” for him.  (Just wait. You’ll see.)

When I started my Deck the Ball using leftover possum yarn, I realized I never showed you the last 2 balls.  Just to prove I’ve been on track with that weird little resolution, here they are:IMG_6164 IMG_6166The top one is yarn from Night Gulls and the bottom one is yarn from Yum Yum Waffle Socks.

And just for fun, here’s the warts-and-all zoom out that shows our studio looking pretty much like normal! IMG_6167

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  1. The subject of this post would be really really funny if you left the commas out of it.

    How annoying about the different colors in the socks! Glad you're happy with how they turned out. I think they're quite lovely.

    And I can't wait to see the handspun superhero cuffs!