Monday, June 21, 2010

I could use a fjord right now…

The Fjordland socks are done!  Stranded wool socks, completed just in time for steamy 90+ degree weather here in the mid-Atlantic…  Wait, if wool uniforms were good enough for the Civil War soldiers (and the reenactors who gather in my fair town), then it’s good enough for my kid’s feet, too.  Bring on the wool socks!IMG_6460
The name “Fjordland” makes me feel ever so slightly cooler…

I really enjoyed knitting these, and I think I might be betting better and 2-color knitting.  I’m hoping to improve my technique even more in September when I take a class called New Ways to Knit at Knitters’ Day Out.  Here is the class description:
Curious about some of those intriguing ways you see other knitters moving their fingers or flinging their yarn? In this class we will cover the basics of Continental knitting, Portuguese purling and backwards knitting. Get your hands to do things you didn't know were possible and potentially speed up your knitting in the process. $5 materials fee.
I have plenty of yarn left over, so I might consider using some of there colors in my next stranded sock project.  I’d really like to make the Bohus-Style Knee-Highs, by Chrissy Gardiner (below).  Maybe some of these colors will reappear in that fetching cuff detail.  What do you think?
I entered these socks in the Simply Socks Yarn Company's Summer of Color Contest.  Check out this line of solid sock yarn - it's really nice.  It has a 4-ply structure, so it's round and has great stitch definition.  It's bouncy and lively.  And it has a bit of nylon, which is a great thing in a sock yarn.  I got the colorcards and the colors are gorgeous.

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  1. They turned out great! That class sounds intriguing -- always good to force your hands to do something they're not used to. And I do like those knee-highs.

    I have some stranded knitting coming up in my not-too-distant future...

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