Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spinning Seminar 2010

I have been remiss in reporting on the lovely time Kris and I had at the 2010 Spinning Seminar at '>The Mannings back on June 12.  This is an annual event that we just discovered last year.  I’m sure the word “spinning” scared me off in earlier years.  The format is this: many demonstration/exhibition tables set up on the grass outside the shop, a lunch/snack booth run by the local church ladies, some animals on display, some local 4H groups practicing for Sheep to Shawl contests, and free time for spinning or knitting.  There is no charge (unless you buy pie, which we usually do – though this year we went with some good looking chocolate chip cookies, instead).

Here’s my Flickr slideshow of the day.  Double click to open it bigger and see the captions, too.  Enjoy!

Just in case you don’t watch all the way to the end, I want to show off Kris’s version of the Night Gulls sock.  She’s knitting this in a perfectly lovely Cascade Heritage handpaint that is such a great match for the pattern.  Doesn’t it look good so far?IMG_6376 Now, who wants to knit dog hair?


  1. What a fun day! My favorite part was watching Boy #2 chase butterflies (you may have been looking at dog hair spinning at that point). An update on my night gull socks: I've discovered that they won't fit over my heel!!! Not to worry, however. Although I intended to make the pair for myself I will happily finish them for a lovely person with a smaller foot! And my next pair will be a size larger...or on larger needles.

  2. Oh, no! Is it the part at the top (the least stretchy part) that gives you trouble?

  3. My heels were a bit snug, too. But you really might be able to stretch them out with some serious wet-blocking. Soak them a LONG time, and then see if you can get a little more give in them.

    Love these pictures. Rest assured I will NOT be sending you basenji hair to spin. It would be quite a challenge, since each hair is only 1/4 inch long!

    And, I really liked the mushroom-dyed yarn. So colorful -- and the natural tones were right up my alley. Beautiful!