Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sock Update

My sock work accelerated late last week due to some unanticipated air travel.  First, I finished my mom’s Christmas socks:IMG_7161 The yarn is Claudia and the colorway is “Plumicious.”  Since I used the same stitch pattern (rib-and-welt) that I used for the Pansy Socks, I’m calling this pair Plum Pansies.IMG_7163 I had 2 inches of yarn left after finishing the toes.  I cut it a little too tightly on this pair!  My friend Kris started a pair using this pattern, too.  It really is quite attractive. 

This stitch pattern must have gotten under my skin earlier than I realized.  As I knit on these at lunch with Heidi a couple of weeks ago, she said “that’s like the cowl I made that you liked.”  Sure enough, the Darkside Cowl (free Rav download) uses this stitch.  I put it in my queue ages ago.  I meant to unravel a scarf I don’t wear anymore to make it, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I’ve also been zooming along on my Ecology Socks, which use the new Felici sportweight yarn.  These go super fast because (a) the yarn is sportweight, and (b) they are all stockinette:IMG_7165 Sock #1 is done.  I’m past the heel on sock #2 – or rather, the spot where the heel will be, as this is an afterthought heel.  I just put half the stitches on waste yarn and kept on knitting my tube.  I bet I can finish these at the office this week – they go that quickly.  If you need to make some gift socks, this yarn could be a good option!

I went to Knitters’ Day Out yesterday and will report on the fun in my next post.  It was fun!  And, umm, there was a bit of stash enhancement…


  1. "Stash enhancement" it! I'm eager to hear about what you picked up with your "winnings"!

  2. The socks for your mom are awesome. She'll love them. That IS an intriguing stitch pattern. And you've got me totally wanting to dive into my green veggie Felici sock yarn right away. [Must...finish...blanket...]