Sunday, December 5, 2010

Puppies, Tree

Long time no post.  I’ve been dutifully cranking out puppy parts.  Here are the bodies (in the back) plus piles of feet (not quite finished):

IMG_7757 These stockinette projects can be a little tricky.  I don’t like how the fabric rolls so dramatically.  I tried to block the bodies so they would be easier to seam, but it didn’t work so well.

Right now I’m at the point where the knitting is done, but the finishing looms.  The dogs’ faces are on and the bodies have been seamed and stuffed:IMG_7788 Now I have to sew on legs, ears, and tails.

I’m getting a little tired of these dogs.  I’m remembering why I don’t knit toys very often.  They are Fiddly with a capital F.  I’m not afraid of seaming, but I don’t love the way these look stuffed with polyfill.  They are awfully lumpy.  I think if I had to do them again, I would buy big rectangular sponges and design the dog body to fit the sponge.  Then it would be firm and rectangular.

You may have noticed that behind the puppies is a Christmas tree!  We went to our favorite tree farm yesterday and selected a lovely Turkish fir.  We also got the StandStrait tree stand and I’m told it’s worth every penny of the $29.99 charged.  Easy breezy.IMG_7767Doesn’t Boy 2 look like Elmer Fudd in this hat?  I love it.

Boy, knitting toys really makes me want to knit a sweater.  Soon, my Cerisara, soon….


  1. I was going to make some pile-able pups for knitting friend's impending mommy-hood. Maybe not?

    And I've never heard of a Turkish fir. It's lovely, though!

  2. Try the pups, Steven. I liked them a lot better at the very end than I did in the middle. They really come to life in the final moments. S1 likened it to blocking lace - knitted lace looks awful until you block it, and then it's all worth it.