Sunday, January 30, 2011

FO: Cerisara Sweater

I finally got my sweater blocked and we shot some photos of Cerisara last Friday before work.  Here she is!IMG_8186 I had worried so much about the blocking, but you can see that the ribbing at the bottom relaxed after its bath:IMG_8175Remember how I saw I was surprised that my swatch didn’t change sizes after blocking even though alpaca is known for growing?  Well, the sweater really wanted to grow.  But I spent the requisite supplicative time on my knees in front of my blocking towel, and I was able to nudge the sweater back into the dimensions I wanted it to be. IMG_8190 I am very pleased and really enjoyed wearing this comfortable sweater to work last week.  Hooray!

Now, my pink and green sock is giving me a headache again, but I’ll save that update for another post.  For now, happiness!


  1. So, so beautiful! The sleeves fit perfectly and I'm really attracted to that stitch pattern. The whole thing fits you so well. Congratulations on a job well done. Looks like you still have the weather for it!

  2. This sweater looks fabulous! Congratulations.