Friday, February 4, 2011

This and that

I haven’t mustered the will to deal with the pink and green socks again this week, not since I discovered the big problem that will cause me to have to rip back the heel flap I labored over.  It’s a technique issue.  More on that later.

Instead, I worked on my putty socks during work meetings and a book group discussion, and they are coming right along:IMG_8263I wanted to keep the Felici stripes going evenly, so I put in some waste yarn for an afterthought heel (see the red bit?).  You’re looking at the bottom of the sock, with the beginning of the stockinette sole.  I still think this pattern – simply ribbed though it is – may be a bit much for a self-striping yarn, but I’m committed now.

I abandoned the square needles and my progress accelerated considerably.  In addition, I think my work is more even on round needles.  The first half of so of what you see above was done on square needles.  Do you think the transition is noticeable?

I also started S1’s new felted slippers (again, to avoid dealing with those cursed socks!).  The sole and cuff will be purple; the upper will be green.  They are knit from a double strand of worsted weight yarn on size 13 needles, using the classic Bev Galeskas pattern that so many knitters have made…  (Have you made these?  Such a great project!)IMG_8257And lastly, I wanted to share some pictures of socks knit by my friend, Neil.  Neil knits a LOT of socks, and he donates many of them to fundraising auctions for local nonprofit groups.  One place that Gettysburgians know they can purchase Neil’s famous socks is the Project Gettysburg-Leon auction.  This year Neil donated an astounding TWELVE pairs!!!  Two sets of three pairs were sold in bundles in the live auction, and the others were sold in one or two pairs at a time in the silence auction.  Here is a live auction grouping – notice the Felici yarn.  Neil and I love that stuffIMG_8200Also notice the “crazy socks” on the right.  Neil uses his leftover sock yarn to make these completely unique creations.  I spy some Austermann Step yarn in the heel flap area (and just above) on the right.  I have been meaning to make my own crazy socks for years and just haven’t done it yet.  Why, I ask you?  Crazy socks would be ideal office knitting. IMG_8201 You might also notice the bulge in the toe area.  Neil always includes a small amount of extra yarn for darning.  So thoughtful!IMG_8204I’m not sure what these ended up selling for – I took these pictures early in the evening.  You’ll always find eager auction goers huddled around these tables around closing time, hoping they get Neil’s special socks.  It’s an auction tradition. 



  1. That yarn for S's felted slippers is so vibrant! what brand is it?

  2. Don't fret -- I think that pattern works fine for self-striping yarn. I don't really see a transition between the square and round needles, but it sort of looks like the gauge might be a bit bigger on the round needles? Not too noticeable, though.

    Neil's socks look great. I need to dig out that green Felici I ordered a while back!

  3. Kris - the yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted. 85% wool, 15% mohair (which makes a nice halo when felted). The green yarn is color "kiwi" and it's definitely my favorite, kind of yellow-ish green and heathered.