Wednesday, August 24, 2011



It’s been a while since I posted and even longer since I had some actual knitting to show for it.  It’s the crazy time of year for us who work on college campuses – and kid schedules are completely wacko as summer day camps have ended but school has not yet begun (who is in charge of this stuff, anyway?!?).  But I finally finished this pair of Amelie socks.IMG_9760 These socks are well-traveled.  I started them before going to Sock Summit and finished the first one on the plane back.  It’s taken me weeks to finish the second.

I toyed with mods.  On some pattern repeats, I knit the stitches to either side of the lacy dropped stitch area through the back loop, to neaten things up.  Can you tell?  The top repeat in the photo below has those twisted stitches, and the bottom one does not.  It’s neater in some ways, but doesn’t affect the overall look that much.  Plus, it’s way slower.  If I knit this again, I wouldn’t repeat that.IMG_9761 I thought my lacy panels were much wider than the ones shown in the pattern photo:

Amelie Framed

The version that Kris is knitting (using Cascade Heritage) is more like the pattern photo than my sock.  I’ll take a picture and show you that another time.  I guess my 100% superwash BFL sock yarn is extra sproingy or something.  I don’t really have a satisfactory explanation for the difference.IMG_9768 Another modification: I stopped doing the dropped stitches partway down the top of the foot.  I figure that even if I wear Mary Janes, it won’t show – and the plain ribbing will be much more durable than those ladders.IMG_9771 All in all, a pretty pair of socks.  I don’t normally do lace, so this was a big change for me.IMG_9773

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  1. I can see the difference, although I'm not sure why knitting into the back of the stitch would take any longer than the front? I probably don't understand.

    I imagine the Cascade Heritage is looking quite crisp compared to yours, but yours are lovely -- especially in that color. And I do like that laddering effect. It looks like little controlled runs in your stockings.