Monday, October 17, 2011

Manhattan, New York

IMG_9964During the entire course of my lifetime, my Aunt Georgia lived in Manhattan, Kansas.  Everyone knew that’s what you meant when you said “Manhattan” (not New York), and everyone knew that’s what you meant when you said “the little apple” (not that you were a doofus who really meant “the big apple”).  This weekend, I made a Manhattan AND a New York: IMG_9970 These knit up super fast in Knit Picks Swish DK on size 4 needles.  The red is color “garnet heather,” the green is “moss,” and the brown is “bark.”  Using the classic Ann Norling Pattern #10 (Kid’s Fruit Cap), the little apple was knit with the 6 month instructions (CO 72) and the big apple was knit with the 1 year instructions (CO 80).  You would expect them to come out smaller than their intended sizes, as the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn… but I think they are plenty big.  Boy 2 (small for his age, but still) is modeling the Manhattan here:IMG_9962 Quick gift project for some apple-y people expecting babies.  I really do like the heathered yarns from Knit Picks.


  1. So cute! I do like that heathered yarn, too. Boy 2 is so model-perfect that I thought the hat was being modeled on a mannequin at first!

  2. Those turned out just perfect! Totally worth a "special" trip to Our Mannings for the pattern (although truth be told, there isn't much that ISN'T worth a "special" trip to Our Mannings).