Friday, October 14, 2011

New stripey socks


These socks have been on the needles FOREVER… but I don’t think I’ve flashed them at the blog.  I cast on way back in July, before Sock Summit.  I don’t remember why.  We were going someplace and I needed dead easy knitting.  Finally, finished!IMG_9954 These are for Boy 1, who has been outgrowing some of his handknit socks and “needed” more.  The yarn is Knit Picks Felici (of course) in color “Abracadabra,” which he selected.  They are knit top down with an afterthought heel.

I had a little trouble with the second ball of yarn.  It was wound in the opposite direction as the first ball, so I had to rewind it on my ballwinder (since Boy 1 said he wanted these socks to match).  Then I hit a weird spot near the toe of the front sock – you can see it if you look.  The dying went off.  I also found a knot in that ball when I rewound the leftovers into tiny balls.  Oh well, every now and then you get a weird ball.IMG_9947I made these a teensy bit generous in the toe so that they would fit a bit longer.  One thing I’ve learned as a mother: boys grow.

I’m nearing the end of my Different Lines shawl, so expect a completed project photo soon!

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  1. Nice! Boy 1 has a good eye for color. Strange about the balls being wound in different directions -- and that weird dying thing at the toes. Still -- they match when he's wearing shoes!