Thursday, October 6, 2011

Different lines, different shape

IMG_9942Isn’t the shape of this WIP intriguing?  This pattern is brilliantly simple.  I cast on at the top of the photo, at the blue tip.  I’ve been increasing one stitch every 2 rows down the right side of this.  Since it’s garter stitch, that gives me a neat 45 degree angle.  But the short rows cause the whole thing to curve.  Notice how the green stripes aren’t “rows” so much as “wedges.”  At the short end of the wedges, each stripe is one garter ridge wide – the stripes are equal.  See?IMG_9943But because the fabric keeps increasing, the wedges must grow wider to get to the other end:IMG_9945I have 3 more green wedges to go, and then the whole thing will be capped off with a nice, deep, blue edge.

Ingenious.  I just love this pattern.  Different Lines by Veera Välimäki.  Just another great way to use sock yarn.

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  1. Beautiful! Short rows are one of those techniques that create such interestingness out of simplicity. I like these colors.

    Funny, but when I first looked at this, I assumed it was worsted and not sock yarn. Some yarn weights are hard for me to recognize out of context!