Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Golly

Miss Molly!  My yarn tease of autumnal hat yarns resulted in this Molly hat:IMG_9938 As you can see, this hat is big enough to hold ALL S1’s hair, which is, shall we say… voluminous.

Since there are many patterns named Molly, I want to point out that this is the one by Erin Ruth.  It is just the perfect thing for fall.  I knit mine out of Shelter, which is a slightly crunchy woolen-spun 2-ply yarn.  This means the hat is extremely lightweight for its size (which is good, since it’s big) and feels sturdy and durable.  I knit the ribbing on the brim on US 3 needles (ouch!) but moved up to a 6 for the rest.

Most of the hat is in a waffle-y stitch, which provides a wonderful texture.  IMG_9941The star, of course, is the giant cable running up one side.  The cable cleverly grows smaller as the crown decreases.This hat would be equally lovely knit in a super soft and drapey yarn, but I’m also happy with this earthier version.

Although the overall shape makes us both think of Fat Albert’s buddy Dumb Donald’s hat (minus the eyeholes), I think we’re both quite happy with the result.IMG_9935

Dumb Donald


  1. This hat is so awesome -- and so S1! Hah -- Dumb Donald -- Didn't he play the trombone in Fat Albert's band. Maybe Boy 1 needs one of these!

  2. Yes, he DID play the trombone!
    Weird convergence...

  3. It looks nice and warm, too! I may need to knit me one. And I"m dying to get my hands on some Shelter, but no one around here is selling it yet.... and I don't want to order it without seeing it first.