Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5th on 5

IMG_0215 I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to find out how my swatching dilemma turned out.  Bonny, thanks for suggesting I try a different needle material.  That got me unstuck.  I made a 5th swatch on a US 5 METAL needle (my first four swatches were on wood) and I did get slightly different results: 

Stitches over 4”


US 4

US 5

US 6

US 7









*troublesome outlier!

I decided to do a DIFFERENT kind of math to see where that would get me.  If the recommended gauge of 5 st/in will get me the size I want (38), then what size does my actual gauge of 4.75 st/in get me?  Oh cross-multiplication, I love you so: it gets me a size 36.1.  The pattern includes a size 36, so I will knit that.  At my gauge, I should get a size 38 sweater.  (If I’m horribly wrong about this, please correct me now, before I knit the whole sweater.)

Now the question is: should I knit with a US 5 metal needle, or a US 6 wood needle?  Here are those two swatches:IMG_0216 Note that there isn’t much yarn left over from what was originally a hefty 200-yard skein. 

I think I’ll use the US 6 wood needle, as it’ll be easier on my hands.

Now, I just need to wind the other skeins and prepare to cast on.  Hopefully this will be a great project to sink into over Thanksgiving break.

You don’t know how close I came to just starting another sock last night instead of knitting yet another swatch…  Socks are my comfort knitting!


  1. Way to hang in there! I loved following your thought process on this. I need to remember it.

  2. I think you deserve a Vodka Gimlet (the drinkable type) for your patience and persistence; your stack of swatches is inspiring! Do you have plenty of yarn or will you need some from your swatches?

  3. I may have to unravel a swatch or two... we'll see. I had 7 skeins (1400 yards) to begin with. I thought I would be making a size 38, which requires 7 skeins - and now will be making a size 36, which requires 6 skeins. So who knows? The swatches are pretty enough that I might be tempted to unravel them and make a cowl or something with the leftovers.

    Hopefully I'll get started on this over the weekend!