Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall Footsies Finally Finished

Okay, we don’t really call socks “footsies” around here, but I succumbed to the alliteration.

IMG_0224I finished these socks a week ago, but daylight savings time and a few rainy days made photography difficult.

As I’ve said before, I really love these socks – but I hate the way the pattern was written.  I may knit another pair for myself, though.  The slanting cable is beguiling.  Half of the cuffs and 3/4 of the feet are stockinette, so they progress more quickly than you might think.

On sock #1, I knit the toe as the pattern indicated – a standard wedge toe.  But it didn’t fit perfectly, so I knit a slightly more rounded toe on sock #2.  See the difference?IMG_0201 I decided that it was worth it to fix sock #1.  So I ripped back thuslyIMG_0211 …and reknit the thing.  I’m glad I did.  I’ve found that if I decrease every other round until I have half as many stitches as I began with and then decrease every round until I have 8 or 10 stitches left, my sock toes fit better.  (so do S1’s.)  But every foot is different!


The last bits of fall are slipping through our fingers here.  I can tell that winter is hastening because of the number of handknit socks in the laundry each week.  Boy 1 is wearing wool socks every chance he gets (which is precisely 4 times per week, as he has 4 pairs that fit now) and he let me know that he needs more socks.  That’s what this is about:IMG_0208 I’ll leave you with some shots of a hike the two of us took last weekend.  Fall fun!



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  1. Beautiful shots. Who is that tall lanky kid in the picture? ;-)