Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Sweater Update

Remember the his-and-hers baby sweaters I knit last summer?  Here is baby girl in her sweater.  She is about 3 months old:babysweater

I haven’t seen it in person, but this photo makes it look like there is plenty of grow room.  Plus, garter stitch is extremely stretchy.  The only strange thing is that the sleeves are awfully short.  I’ve noticed this with the BSJ before.  But as a mother, I have to say that I think that’s fine.  Sleeves that are too long can be frustrating for babies, and frankly, she’s probably warm enough swathed in all that wooly goodness!

I wish I could reach through the screen and squeeze those cheeks – don’t you?


  1. So cute! As a recent BSJ knitter, I was thinking that the sleeves were a bit short, too. I've seen lots of modes for doing a provisional cast on so that the sleeves can be extended.

    That is one cute baby. It looks like she loves that jacket!

  2. It wouldn't be good to slow down that lovely baby's development by hiding her hands in too-long sleeves! With slightly shorter sleeves she can more easily find her hands and fingers so she can stare at them in amazement, chew on them, and grow up to be a knitter herself!

  3. So, so true Bonny. And who am I to argue with EZ?